California Career Services has provided career-related services for over 25 years, helping thousands of clients with their career development. Our work has included assisting individuals, companies, nonprofit organizations, and federally funded programs and projects. We have also trained career guidance personnel in school districts throughout California and internationally.

We have received numerous honors and awards from various organizations over the years, including the California Career Development Association, the Los Angeles Chapter of the American Society for Training and Development, the Career and Vocational Division of the California State Department of Education, and the Los Angeles County Commission on the Status of Women.


“Your work has had a fantastic impact on me. I’m out of the movie business and into fundraising. Your strategies and coaching were the catalysts that empowered me to do it. I am so grateful. Your depth of knowledge, skill, sensitivity and creativity delivers results that far exceed the formulaic approach of others in your field. You understood the complexity of my work and my life. You showed me how to transition to a field that would better integrate that complexity into a life that works for me. Thank you.”

"Thank you for the great interview tips. They really helped me. This was the first interview I've had where I really felt prepared. It went well and looks like I may get the job. Thanks again for your time."

"My job is great. I have traveled all around the country. The hours are long and the compensation is not what it could be, but I have felt useful, important, and growing. However, you may hear from me again soon."

"I am writing to thank you for your part in helping me make a decision that put me on a path to higher education. It was important to me with a decision of such magnitude that I seek out only the wisest of counsel. Thank you for providing that."

"Your expertise far exceeded my expectations. You immediately identified and offered solutions to my key career issues. The resources you provided me with will be invaluable."

"Thank you for helping me craft a job-search strategy. It was the kick in the butt I needed. I have completed 5 of the 10 homework assignments you gave me."

“I really needed the clarity, the support, and the walking through that you did for me and I am extremely grateful.”

"My new improved resume has made a huge difference. I sent out my resume to about 10 more jobs and went on 7 more interviews."

“Thanks for all your help - I don't plan to see you professionally any more, I am hoping this is my ‘last’ job.”