Susan Wise Miller and the staff of California Career Services have authored a variety of articles on career and vocational issues, education, work trends, women and work, and vocational examinations in family law cases. These articles have been published in widely recognized newspapers, magazines, newsletters, and trade journals.

Select Articles/Interviews

   State Bar Program Provides Free Career Counseling
   LACBA Family Law Symposium Spousal Support and Vocational Examinations
   LACBA Family Law Symposium Child Support, Vocational Examinations and Earning Capacity
   The Value of a Vocational Expert - Family Law Symposium
   Lawyer Assistance Program - Career Counseling Survey Results
   Get The Right Balance - Published in the Journal of Accountancy
   Vocational Examinations in Family Law Cases
   NPR, Marketplace Morning Report November 26, 2013 What is Katie Couric Thinking? by David Weinberg
   Wall Street Journal article March 10,2013 "At Last the Job Market Shows Signs of Life" By Veronica Dagher